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Traditional Fairy Tales in Chinese

Discussion in 'Children Learning Materials' started by raichu, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. raichu

    raichu New Member

    Hi there,
    can anyone point me in the right direction of any books, cartoons, pdfs, websites, yputube videos etc of traditional fairy tales translated into Chinese? For example Jack and the Bean stalk, Hansel and Gretel etc? So far I can only seem to find Three little pigs and that is getting a bit too boring. I would like to exposure the little one to more of the 'western' fairy tales and nice to expand my Chinese vocab a bit too in being able to try and tell these common well known stories in a different language!
  2. Fion

    Fion New Member

    I've been looking for resources for the same thing, too. I've come back to Hong Kong each year just to look for books that can teach my boys how to learn Chinese.

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