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The Complicated Chinese Family Tree - Cantonese Version!

Discussion in 'Grown Ups Learning Materials' started by xoAims, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. xoAims

    xoAims New Member

    In English we have only aunts, uncles, first cousins, second cousins etc but in Chinese it is far more complicated. Watch this video to learn the titles of all our relatives:

  2. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

    This is a great explanation of the entire family tree in Chinese - I always found it extremely challenging to understand, I've basically given up when I go to back to Taiwan. The word 'cousin', 'uncle' and 'aunt' and 'in-laws' in English are so much simpler. Chinese families have tended to be much larger so I'm not sure how it could have helped to invent new words for older and younger versions of each 'branch' of the tree.

    Heres the embedded version:
  3. wing-tung Leung

    wing-tung Leung New Member

    I find this video clip extremely hilarious, but also useful. I DO know most names, but surely not all of them. I think it strongly depends on many variants of family relationships you have around in your family, and if you encountered them more or less frequently or not.

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