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Routlege Cantonese grammar book series

Discussion in 'Grown Ups Learning Materials' started by tangzer, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. tangzer

    tangzer New Member

    I hadn't seen a post about this so I thought I might share it. One series that I've liked while trying to learn Cantonese is the Routledge Grammar series. There are 3 books:

    Basic Cantonese
    Intermediate Cantonese
    Cantonese: A comprehensive grammar

    They use the Yale romanization system and are written by two HK based professors (which, also gives them a bit of an academic feel). Unfortunately, they don't have an audio component (at least not one that I've found) to go with the exercises. But, the explanation of vocabulary and grammar is suburb. I've often found that Cantonese materials in English seem to be vocabulary focused, and I don't feel like I have a good framework for why or how I should use certain constructions - and these books have really helped me fill in some of that language gap. I find that, if I work through them with my wife, we also both learn a bit more Cantonese along the way. Numerous times, she has said, "Oh! Well that actually makes sense why it's said that way."

    Here is a link to the basic cantonese book, which will easily guide you to the other two texts as well:

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