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Raising children in West ...

Discussion in 'Hong Kong' started by Eva, May 1, 2017.

  1. Eva

    Eva New Member

    I have lived a very exciting childhood, not confined by the walls or weather when compared to my British partner who was brought up somewhat differently. He suffered from asthma and allergies so spent more time indoors. He also did not have the freedom as I did to go down the elevator and get a snack from 7-eleven or play hide-and-seek in the connecting blocks of stairs for hours. I am concerned that my children will also suffer from similar fate even though we do try to do different activities with them, you simply cannot stroll out for a walk in the evening in this country. Most of the time it is raining or the children are down with cold or some sort of illnesses. But then I also know Hong Kong is extremely crowded, my children will probably end up wearing glasses and I might have to still bring them back to this country for higher education. It is also not easy moving with young children and then the issue of jobs and maintenance. Would like to hear what other parents think and what would they do in my situation.
  2. pangster

    pangster New Member

    Clearly it's a trade off... the UK might not be perfect - (and you've generally called out some of the more negative aspects in your post) - some of the more positive aspects (in my opinion are):

    • Clean drinkable water out the tap (without the need for a filter)
    • The air quality is far better
    • HK also has weather issues (regular typhoons and storms) - not to mention high UV index!
    • In the UK you're never really far away from the great outdoors - and the UK has some of the best outdoor/nature experiences you can imagine (you only need to look)
    • Free healthcare
    • Free education (available if you don't want to go down the fee paying route)
    • Children are generally less stressed and not as prone to anxiety, depression and suicide (due to various pressures!)
    • HK is the most expensive place to live (per sq ft in the world!)
    • Owning a house is a realistic prospect for most in the UK
    • Owning a car is a realistic prospect for most in the UK
    • Getting a job and making a career is a realistic prospect for most in the UK

    (PS I'm white and grew up in the UK and had a very similar upbringing to what you had by the sound of it!!) - don't confuse how your partner was brought up as being 'normal' or a-typical (sounds like he possibly had over protective parents who wrapped him in cotton wool)... the choice is yours how you raise your kids and the values you teach them! - in saying the above, I do realise and appreciate that in this day and age I necessarily wouldn't be happy letting my son out to do half the things I did as I don't think it's as safe as it was when I was younger (but then again - I'd suggest this is the same of HK as well).

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