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Just had a baby!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andrew, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

    Hi apologies to everyone who has private messaged me in the past few weeks, we've just had another baby! Her name is Felicity Tsai and we've already begun speaking to her in Mandarin and Cantonese so hopefully she'll get to become trilingual soon enough!

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  2. soh

    soh New Member

    Congratulations! she looks beautiful. All the best!
  3. Kevin

    Kevin New Member

  4. James

    James New Member

  5. raichu

    raichu New Member

    And I thought you were ignoring me!
    She is beautiful, huge congratulations!! Keep up the amazing work with this website
  6. MissToy

    MissToy New Member

    Enjoy her, she is adorable!
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  7. w3ss

    w3ss New Member

  8. HowieP

    HowieP Member

    Awesome! Congratulations to you and the expanded family.

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