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Introduce yourself! 介紹自己!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andrew, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. wing-tung Leung

    wing-tung Leung New Member

    Hi all,

    I live in Belgium, born here as well, and mainly learned speaking Cantonese at home and talking to close relatives. But since a significant part of my youth include interactions with Flemish (Dutch) speaking people, and using it at school as well, my level of Cantonese isn't as good as I wish. Lately tried learning a bit to read and write, but definitely lack the time to study it myself in a descent way.

    Trying to pass on at least speaking Cantonese to my 2 little children, and that seems to work reasonably, but especially the eldest advances quicker in Dutch (learning a LOT at school), so I'd like to keep them in contact with Cantonese as much as possible.
  2. Kevin Koo

    Kevin Koo New Member

    Hi all

    Kevin here from Birmingham, UK.

    Both my wife and I are BBC and we have two boys aged 3 and 6 (soon to be 4 and 7). We've currently got the eldest enrolled in Chinese school learning Cantonese. The little one isn't old enough yet.

    Personally I can speak Cantonese fairly fluently but my reading and writing are pretty poor.

    Joined here primarily because I would be interested to know about any resources that can help with teaching my kids learn Cantonese.

    Nice to meet you all
  3. parent2kids

    parent2kids New Member

    It's wonderful to find this forum. Thanks to all the contributors who uploaded the Chinese children's programs.

    I'm from Toronto (TO), Canada - born in HK to HK parents, and immigrated to Canada as young child. I was raised in Toronto, but my home life was filled with HK and Cantonese culture, because my siblings and relatives were all from HK and came of age there.

    I have 2 young kids - they understand Cantonese, and are in Cantonese and Mandarin school. My younger one spent 2 years in a Mandarin immersion nursery school and JK. My older one is also in a French immersion program.

    I'm interested in learning about life in the UK for the Asian diaspora, and exchange information about best practices etc.. I would like to bring my friends from TO onboard this forum.
  4. Tammy Lam

    Tammy Lam New Member

    Hi all,

    I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Now I live in the USA with my husband (from Slovakia) and two small kids (5 and 2). We are a trilingual family as my husband and I communicate with our children in our mother tongues (Slovak and Cantonese, respectively). I’m constantly on the lookout for good resources to help me teach my children Chinese. I’ve found that Cantonese material is relatively hard to come by, so I’m very glad to come across this community. A big thank you to Andrew and others for putting together such a trove of useful material!
  5. HowieP

    HowieP Member

    Hi, I'm Howard. This looks like an amazing forum and a resource that I've been seeking for ages! My wife and I are both from the UK but she speaks Cantonese and so we're looking to expose the kids to as much of that as possible. It's surleiaingly hard to find media outside or HK, so we've imported some TV and movies but we're always looking for more.
    We are currently based in New York so I'm happy to share thoughts and advice on finding Cantonese here (a lot of Chinatown is now Mandarin).
    We have two little ones, currently 2 and 4.
  6. Linh

    Linh New Member

    Hi all,

    I am Linh and we have 2 daughters under 2. We live in Brooklyn, NY. I am trying to encourage my kids to speak Cantonese, hopefully they will enjoy learning it. Our main language is English, which makes everything tough. My oldest daughter really enjoys Peppa the Pig. We have accidentally watched it in english a few times and she made these funny facial expressions, like something was strange. My Cantonese, overall is ok, so Peppa the Pig our speed. Each day we use our Cantonese phone app to learn a new word that pertains to the kids life. We formed a Mandarin sing a long group in Brooklyn, so we meet once a week. My children enjoy interacting and hearing the songs with the other kids. Fingers crossed, they are bilingual or more. Thank you Andrew for setting up Mandonese.
  7. HowieP

    HowieP Member

    Hi Linh and welcome to the forum. I'm fairly new to it myself but it's a great place to share lessons and best practices on how to introduce your kids to Cantonese/Mandarin.

    I'm in a fairly similar situation to you - two kids (4 and 2) and we want them to learn Cantonese. Peppa is a great program to use because it's short and engaging. There are heaps of others though; my son likes Thomas and Fireman Sam at the moment.

    What's the Cantonese phone app that you mentioned?
  8. Linh

    Linh New Member

    Hi Howie,

    We use Pocket Lingo, it is really good for basic Cantonese vocabulary words. I like their quick sheets. I realized when I speak to my children, it is very basic things. Eg. Stop, park, playground, grocery store, library, book, and etc. I just add the basic cantonese language and insert...We are going to the XXX, eg. park. grocery store. This is our speed at the moment. Someday we will have big goals for a bigger cantonese conversation. She is only 2 at the moment.

  9. HowieP

    HowieP Member

  10. Bill

    Bill New Member

    What's your background?
    I am from HK but live Macau

    I have 1 daughter and 1 son.

    I would like my children learn Cantonese, Mandarin and English.
  11. Sandy

    Sandy New Member

    Hi everyone! My name is Sandy and I grew up in New York City since the age of 1. I speak Cantonese and as a child, I used to go to the Chinese school (learning Cantonese) on Mott Street in Manhattan's Chinatown. I stopped going to Chinese school around 12 years of age so my understanding of written Chinese has sadly reverted back to Kindergarten level.

    I have two kids - age 2 and 6 (born 2009 and 2013) - and wasn't very strict at OPOL with my first child so his Cantonese is terrible. I have been much stricter with my second child and her Cantonese is much better. This is a link to our current struggles on my personal blog.

    My husband is born and bred Scottish and doesn't speak any other language than English. We live in Dubai where there are a lot of Chinese Nationals all speaking Mandarin so my children have no other access to Cantonese speakers other than myself.

    Each summer, I take the kids to visit my parents in New York so the kids usually pick up more Cantonese on those trips. I am currently introducing Mandarin to the children as well so that should be interesting.
  12. Leedy9999

    Leedy9999 New Member

    Hi, my name is Lee Lee and I live in Australia. I grew up in south east Asia in a Cantonese speaking family. I am trying to teach my 20 old month toddler Cantonese. I started with mandarin but doesn't seem to work because it is not my mother tongue and often I revert to English with her. 2 months ago, I decided to switch to Cantonese. My hubby speaks purely English with her.
    I was looking for some Cantonese cartoons for her when I stumble upon this website. Such a great resource!
    Thank you for having such a forum. I didn't realise I miss those TVB series so much. It has been nearly 15 yrs since I watched one.
    Absolutely love this website. I am more hopeful that my little girl will be able to speak Cantonese with these resources now!! Brilliant!
  13. William Wong

    William Wong New Member

    Hello everyone,

    My name is William Wong, live in California USA. Have a 3 yr daughter and a son bout to pop. So glad I stumbled into this site, extremely difficult to find Cantonese cartoons. There is only one Cantonese school in my area and I have to drive 30 minutes to get to it.
  14. raichu

    raichu New Member

    Amazing to see so many new people here and watch this grow! Good luck to everyone and hopefully we can share and learn from each other in this community. I remember when I went to Chinese school back in my days, my parents had to drive one hour every Sunday morning... I didn't like it back then and even hated it but it has helped a lot for me to be able to past on the language, if not a lot, a little to the children :)
  15. Fion

    Fion New Member

    Hi, I'm Fion. I'm from Hong Kong and have been living in the United States over 35 years since I was 9. I've 2 boys, 3 and 11 months old and would love for them to know how to speak and write Chinese, especially Cantonese. Especially since my 3-yr-old boy started preschool, he's been speaking mostly English at home. So I'm trying to get him to watch more Chinese shows so that he can pick up the language.
  16. Flo Toronto

    Flo Toronto New Member

    Hi everybody, I am Florence, born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to Toronto with my husband and boy 2 years ago when he was just 3.5 months. I am native in Cantonese, fluent in Mandarin and German as well. Living in Toronto with my Anglo-Canadian husband and sending my boy to a regular daycare, my son's exposure to Cantonese is only around 25%.

    I plan to keep on immersing him in Cantonese with my native fluency and send him to Chinese school to learn Mandarin properly when he's older. I am familiar with both Pinyin and Jyutping so I can help him in this as well. I'm also contemplating how to add German into my multilingual parenting scheme, for which I'll have to coordinate fun activities at home and with some German families in the area.
  17. united857

    united857 New Member

    大家好! We're a ABC/BBC couple currently living in the San Francisco area: Mark, born and raised in the Silicon Valley and working in the tech industry and Judy, born and bred in Liverpool UK. We have a 2 year old baby boy. Between us, we're both avid travellers, having been to almost 40 countries and 250 cities.

    I grew up in a Mandarin speaking household, and formally studied it for two years at university; a few years later ended up spending 3.5 years in Shanghai working for a video game developer where it came in very handy! Lately I've been picking up Cantonese to communicate better with the inlaws as well.

    Judy grew up speaking Cantonese and Hakka; spent 7 years in Hong Kong and 8 years in Beijing (learnt Mandarin at Bejing Language and Culture University, later worked as marketing director for a global real estate company).

    This global perspective has definitely given us an appreciation for our Chinese heritage and language, so we definitely want to pass on both Mandarin and Cantonese to our boy and look forward to exchanging tips, advice, and resources here.
  18. Bradley Ho

    Bradley Ho New Member

    • What's your background?
    I was born in Malaysia in a cantonese speaking family. They never spoke to me cantonese so I could only understand (but not speak) limited dialogue. We moved to Australia when I was 4 so english is my first and only language. This year I have made it my mission to develop my cantonese skills so I can better communicate with my relatives living in Malaysia.
    • How good is your Chinese?
    I have very basic cantonese skills
    • How many children do you have?
    0 (I am a teenager trying to learn cantonese)

    This seems like a really neat forum site. I am looking forward to using it.

    Thanks y'all!
  19. Hi

    I'm Stan. I joined here looking for resources for my son, Tommy who is one and a half. I live in manchester and my wife is British so primarily it's an English speaking household but I speak to Tommy in Cantonese 90% of the time. My Cantonese is fair to good but I cannot read or write.

    Just looking for more ways to expose the language to Tommy
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  20. tangzer

    tangzer New Member

    Hello all - I'm Bryan. My wife's family speaks Cantonese. As we have two young children, I've been seeking out resources to 1) help myself learn the language (I've struggled several times over the years) and 2) create an environment that our children will hear and be able to practice Cantonese. We are in Arkansas in the US. I'm really excited by the various resources I've seen on Mandonese.
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