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Introduce yourself! 介紹自己!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andrew, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. linda chan

    linda chan New Member

    Hi Grace

    I'm BBC and lived in Australia for the last 14 years and my hubby is an Aussie. For the last 4 we were living just outside of Ballina, very few chinese there. What I did was put "Wanted: Cantonese speaker" flyers up at the nearest university language departments and on gumtree. A got a few phone calls asking why I wanted a cantonese speaker rather than mandarin, which I felt somewhat I had to justify my desicion for!...but eventually I got a lovely female student from HK who spoke both, although we only used the canto side. We had lessons for 2 years then she qualified from Uniand went to Melbourne. My cantonese improved and she did play canto with my son from 3 years old (with myself still present in the background). When my son was 4.5 years he started mandarin school, we drove 1.5hrs to the Gold Coast every Saturday so he could attend. Mandarin is the easier to find resource wise including schools however if there is canto stuff out these you just need to dig and follow threads.

    We have just moved back to UK to give my 2 children the chance to get to know their family here. I'm doing the same here as I did there and have put up flyers and gumtree ad looking for a canto/mandarin speaker and hopefully I'll find someone again. My son has started canto school but its only 2hrs a week during school term and I feel we both need more exposure than that. There seems plenty chinese in the area (Newcastle upon Tyne) for a change but its finding someone who wants the work.

    If theres a group of you wanting canto teaching you can maybe pool your money and have a small group of 2 upward but at a higher hourly rate, that would also probably attract more attention.
    Hope this helps. Linda
  2. Wendy

    Wendy New Member

    Hello all

    I am Wendy and I grew up in Hong Kong speaking Cantonese. However I left in 15 and has mostly spoken English in recent years except for with my relatives occasionally. Since having my daughter Esme almost 4 years ago and my son Harry 15 months, I would like them to be exposed more to Cantonese. We already attend some Cantonese groups but hope signing up to this forum will provide opportunities through cartoons and other resources!

  3. Calvin W

    Calvin W Member

    Hey Wendy, all...
    I'm pretty much in the same boat. :D From Southern Guangzhou when I was young but moved to Canada.
    Speak it ok and write it not so much, but can read some. Once you have young kids, you want them to learn your heritage and other languages.
    So have my son learning both Cantonese/Mandarin. We do have chinese school for the kids here and since Toronto is a very mixed city with a lot of culture, it is pretty easy to find any Chinese items.
    But... as Andrew pointed out, it is harder to find videos/cartoons/etc in Cantonese.
    For books, our city has public libraries that carry both Cantonese/Mandarin... so let me know if your interested in any
    h t t p s://markham (dot) bibliocommons (dot) com/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&t=smart&search_category=keyword&q=cantonese&commit=Search&audience=juvenile
  4. hovanessa

    hovanessa New Member

    Hi all! I'm so glad I found this site, amazing initiative by Andrew and his wife to encourage the diminishing language of cantonese.

    My name is Vanessa and my husband is Terry, my parents are from Hong Kong and I speak cantonese to the level of a 5 year old I think >.< my husband doesn't really speak any although his parents are fluent in cantonese and mandarin. I can read a bit of Chinese which I learnt from karaoke :) but I cannot understand the news in cantonese !

    I have twin boy girls born in 2013 (now 2 years and 2 months old) they will be going to an English nursery next month for just 2 afternoons a week.

    I would love them to speak cantonese but it's extremely difficult when they are surrounded by English speaking hubby and English TV and nursery. I would like them to go to cantonese school but there isn't any where we live in Barnet, wish me luck with the continuous struggle to expose them to as much cantonese as possible, eventually I would like my kids to learn mandarin too, I might have to go to school with them! :)
  5. hovanessa

    hovanessa New Member

    I was going to name my daughter Esme!! Such a pretty name, we decided to go with Elissa
  6. hovanessa

    hovanessa New Member

    I like that idea, tell them to ask for things in cantonese :)
  7. Wayne

    Wayne New Member

    Hi Andrew, congratulations on starting a great forum for all the BBCs and ABCs ! My background is Hong Kong Chinese, fluent in Cantonese and working knowledge in Mandarin. My family lives on the east coast of Australia, currently in Brisbane, Queensland. I work full time in the Australian military, thus we shift once every 3 years. My children are young and have little exposure to Cantonese except from speaking to myself and grandparents over Skype. Your forum and online resources are very handy. Thankyou.
  8. wns2000

    wns2000 New Member

    Hi everybody,
    i am Vincent
    So happy I came across this website! i am come from Australia , Sydney. i have 2 kids , i speak cantonese and mandarin.
    i wish my kids start to learn cantonese.
    So many useful materials here!
  9. Wendy Pang

    Wendy Pang New Member

    Hello! I'm Wendy. My husband and I were both born in Hong Kong, but moved to the US when we were very young. We both speak Cantonese and some Mandarin (learned in Chinese school and in college). We can read and write at only elementary school level. Our daughter is 2 years old, and we hope that she will become fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin. Her grandparents have helped take care of her, but we hope to enroll her in a bilingual or immersion preschool soon.
  10. James

    James New Member

    My name is James. I was born in HK, but left there when I was 8 to Brazil. At 11, I came to the USA. My primary language is English, and my Cantonese is as good as an 8 year (MAYBE). I have 2 kids ages 10 and 9 who I have been trying to teach them Cantonese since they were born. I have enrolled them into Cantonese school once a week on Friday evenings. During each night, I work with them in homework and practice chinese writing. However, I am very limited in what I can teach them in spoken Cantonese. One of my wishes is to be able to get to the point where they can hold simple conversational Cantonese. I am hoping that with cartoons or media that are interesting to them can assist with providing the volume and exposure to the spoken language. I will contribute as much as I can to the collection and hopefully we all can benefit from it collectively.
  11. matt.ai.amy

    matt.ai.amy New Member

    Hi one and all,

    I'm Matthew, 1st generation Australian born Chinese. My Mother was born in Hong Kong and my Father, Vietnam. We spoke Cantonese at home growing up, but Dad also speaks Teo chiu, Vietnamese and French . Unfortunately, I wasn't able to pick up any usable Teo chiu, Vietnamese or French.

    I went to Chinese school every Sunday morning for 8 years, and was taught Mandarin, however I struggled academically and regrettably lost interest. It was only later in life that I realized what a shame it was that I didn't pay more attention in class.

    Amy, my wife is third generation Chinese born in Hong Kong, and migrated to Australia after marrying me.

    Amy and I have got an 18 month old daughter, Amara and we're using as much Cantonese at home as we can. We would like to bring her up with Cantonese as her native tongue, and would also like to throw in a good measure of Mandarin but we find it difficult to obtain teaching materials and entertainment.

    Fortunately, Amara's grandparents and mother are much more fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin than I, so they're proving to be a great source of teaching in themselves.
  12. Kev

    Kev New Member

    Hi I'm Kev from the UK.
    I have 2 children whom I want to start teaching Cantonese so very glad I discovered this site that can help provide some Cantonese videos and advice.
  13. Yiu Tak

    Yiu Tak New Member

    Hello. I'm Yiu Tak. I was born in HK and moved to the USA when I was 9. I'm fluent in Cantonese and my husband, who is English, has been learning Cantonese for many years and regularly attends a local Cantonese school on Saturdays. We have a 2-year-old son, Edward, who we are hoping to raise bilingual in Cantonese and English (with a British accent in America!) - not sure which will be harder! Edward is bilingual now since he only goes to school a couple of mornings a week and I'm lucky to have my father take care of him the rest of the time. I'm hoping that he maintains his Cantonese when he gets older and goes to school full time... its going to be harder, that's why I only let him watch cartoons in Cantonese!

    Thanks so much for this website and the sharing of the videos! What a great idea!
  14. Yiu Tak

    Yiu Tak New Member

    Hello Sin Man,

    Thanks for the link for the pen and books. Do you know if they deliver to the USA? I can't seem to enter an address outside of HK when checking out... Thanks,
  15. kyokun916

    kyokun916 New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm Kevin, and am from California. I'm an ABC, and know how to speak basic/ intermediate Cantonese.

    Growing up we predominantly spoke English at home, and my Chinese became an insufferable mix of Taishan and Cantonese thanks to my parent's different lineage.

    More recently, in the last few years after meeting my wife, I have begun picking up a lot more. This is because my in-laws primarily speak Cantonese. My wife emigrated to the US at 7 years old, and also speaks fluent Cantonese. Now with more Cantonese-speaking relatives, and especially compounded with wanting our daughter to grow up speaking Cantonese (born October 2014), I really want to become fluent at the language.

    I'm glad that I found this site, and am thankful to all of you, as resources are a lot more limited for Cantonese learning. I'm especially grateful that there's material for my daugher's use! She's loving the cartoons!

    Thank you all for everything! It is much appreciated.
  16. Ka-Man

    Ka-Man New Member

    Hi all,
    really excited to have come across here from just looking for Peppa Pig! We have three children, all I hope to be bilingual. I have struggled so much finding Chinese resources and have felt like giving up until I came across this today! Fantastic community created, and thanks to Andrew for starting this and everyone who continues to contribute and make shares. I hope we can all help each other and grow learning with our children
  17. Max77ng

    Max77ng New Member

    I'm Max, have just the one kid and a nice facebook conversation led me to here (may try and repost the message as I think it equally applies to lots of families here. It did for me). Glad I came through the Octonauts link! Exciting find here and good to be able to refer to things if it is all in one place. Glad to have found lots of like-minded people in one place
  18. Ling

    Ling New Member

    Hello, I’m Ling and my parents are from Taiwan, but I was born and raised in Germany. I speak Chinese (Mandarin) fluently and have a little 13 month old boy who I try to raise tri-lingual (Chinese, German and English). My husband is from India and speaks to our son English whereas I speak to him in Chinese predominantly. We live in East London (Redbridge area) and whilst I was pregnant I started looking for Chinese schools/playgroups for my son to attend. I found it really hard to find any Mandarin speaking playgroups or Chinese schools near us which was really surprising as I always thought there is quite a large Chinese community in London. I could home teach our son and received all the resources from my relatives in Taiwan (including the ping yin material), but it was really important to me that our son attends a playgroup as well to nurture his social skills and meet other kids who are learning Chinese too.

    Our little boy has been attending a Chinese playgroup in Hackney since he is 7 months and funnily enough, apart from the teacher, I’m the only “Chinese” mum in the group family as all the other families don’t speak Chinese as their first language. It would be really lovely to meet other Mandarin speaking parents on this forum as all my Chinese friends are actually Cantonese speakers and therefore we end up speaking English when we meet up with the kids as I can’t speak Cantonese (apart from ordering a few dishes in the restaurant in Cantonese) and my friends can’t speak Mandarin.
  19. Q's Momma

    Q's Momma New Member

    Hi All,
    I am a HK born US raised, Californian mom of a very sweet 2 year old boy. I stumbled upon the site while looking for Chinese cartoons for my son. I don't read or write Cantonese but understand it ok. My Chinese was strongest in high school when I watched all the cop mini series my parents rented! Anyone remember 999? Totally dating myself! My son loves Peppa and looking to expose him to more of the language...while improving my own vocabulary! I also speak Spanish and have been speaking to him in Spanish since he was born (and Cantonese I can remember the words!) Q's dad is Caucasian, only speaks English so it's up to me to try to expose him to both languages as much possible.
    Really enjoy the site and look foward to using it more as he gets older.
  20. Adrian L

    Adrian L New Member

    Hi Guys, great forum! I was born in Australia to HK parents, and married another Australian born chinese. I really didn't bother to learn cantonese whilst I was growing up but now I'm really trying to teach my sons whatever I can.

    Hope to share what i can....

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