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How to watch TVB (myTV) from the UK and anywhere in the world

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Andrew, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. notrump

    notrump New Member

    You'll need to turn off Location Services within Windows. In Windows 10, click on Action Center (the one looks like a SMS message) to the left of date/time on the task bar and click on the tile so that it is not lit up.
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  2. larrychen

    larrychen New Member

  3. Wing

    Wing New Member

    can anyone help, I m in USA and I have pureVPN install on my windows 10 PC, how can I get it work to watch TVB, keep come out said the location is not support, I have the PureVPN set up in HK, what am I missing?
    Also I have a ipad too, how to make it work
  4. Edmund

    Edmund New Member

    You can watch TVB for free in the U.S. from mobile app, website and apple tv now. Their app name is TVB Anywhere, their website is us.tvbanywhere.com. Have ads of course, but bearable. Saves you the trouble of VPN.
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

    Thanks this is a nice alternative and it streams loads faster from the UK compared to the HK content site.

    If you are outside of Hong Kong (e.g. if you are in the UK) you can easily 'VPN' or use Hola to unlock the website by browsing from the 'United States'.

    I can see some adverts for TVB Anywhere on the new Apple TV, sounds like an interesting prospect that I'll need to review.
  6. Sandy

    Sandy New Member

    Any kids programming on the TVB USA app?
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

    Review of TVB Anywhere is now up - this is the fully licensed method for watching TVB outside of Hong Kong.
  8. JessieWong

    JessieWong New Member

    I'm new to this forum and this imformation is great!

  9. BL888

    BL888 New Member

    Looks like MYTVB are aware of IP spoofers and now also restrict access.

    Does anyone know of any good suppliers that offer channels over m3u?
  10. kwanzv

    kwanzv New Member

    hey guys, can anyone provide any updates on how they are currently watching tvb?

    They recently changed their hosting site and have now moved to mytvsuper, I was using flyvpn and it was working fine for a good 6 months but since they changed domains I have been unable to stream for more than 2 minutes ☹

    going to try other VPN's but havnt had luck with 2 already. I used purevpn a long time ago but that was giving me problems before so not sure if that will work again.
  11. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

    This VPN method isn't workin as well as when I first made the post.

    The current method I'm using relies on the mobile app - iOS, Android etc. for TVB Anywhere. This gives access to basic catch-up and live TV and also a pay for video on demand.

    For mobile app:
    You need to signup on the TVB Anywhere website where you can get a free trial, and then access the content via an app.

    I've also got this working on Moonbox. I'll be posting up a full guide soon.

    TVB Anywhere box:
    Hopefully I'll get to test the new edition of the box soon. It should theoretically offer the same functionality as the mobile app.
  12. popolihu123

    popolihu123 New Member

    Can you tell me if the new box is square? Can you help me? Because I'm Chinese
  13. bmwjl7125

    bmwjl7125 New Member

  14. Calvin W

    Calvin W Member

    It said:
    MyTV is now closed. Goto MyTV SUPER.
    From today to May 16 there was a 1 month free trial.

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