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How to watch TVB (myTV) from the UK and anywhere in the world

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Andrew, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

    This is a basic step-by-step guide to watching TVB from the UK on a computer.

    If you have ever been curious about watching Cantonese TV you'll know that there are very few options available to us. You can try to buy Cantonese DVDs in a shop (alarmingly couldn't find any such shops in London Chinatown last time I looked) or you could order from YESASIA or PLAY-ASIA who both supply Cantonese dubs of Eastern and Western films and TV shows for quite a high price. Alternatively you can look to TVB, who provide a lot of online content for free (rather like BBC iPlayer). However the drawback is that it will only stream to users who are located in Hong Kong. Try to access http://mytv.tvb.com from the UK or anywhere else in the world and you'll be greeted with this error message:


    Now there are lots of ways to bypass this region restriction, and the simplest is to use what's known as a VPN service. What this does is that it redirects your internet traffic through a server in somewhere like Hong Kong, and this will make websites like TVB think you are geolocated in Hong Kong, and you'll be able to access the same content that everyone in Hong Kong can watch.

    The simplest and easiest to use VPN service is known as Hola. Hola has several advantages over competing methods - it's completely free, it's browser based (no administrator privileges required to install), and it doesn't redirect 100% of your traffic (this would make accessing other parts of the internet slow) but it redirects the selected tabs that you choose.

    Hola TVB instructions
    1) Make sure you have either Firefox or Chrome installed and running

    2) Go to https://hola.org and click the 'Get Hola, it's free' button

    3) Go to http://mytv.tvb.com/live

    4) To watch anything on TVB you'll need to download the Octoshape plugin - click the Octoshape button and select the left button and follow the installation instructions:


    4) Click the Hola extension button on your browser and select Hong Kong SAR - if it's not there then manually type in the country:


    5) Refresh the page, and then you should be able to watch all the TVB content you want:


    Now obviously the 'live' channels are +8 hours ahead of GMT so if you are watching at a sensible time like 8pm, you'll actually be catching the local Hong Kong time of 4am which doesn't seem so helpful. However you do have access to the full range of 'catchup' channels including the 'KIDS' section.

    The KIDS section has a very large selection of cartoons and TV shows aimed at younger children- some are dubbed in Cantonese, e.g. Shaun the Sheep, other 'imports' from CBeebies are kept in the original English (probably to help Hong Kong children immerse themselves in a foreign language!)

    You'll need a fast internet connection for this to work, at least 5Mbps which most people in the UK have access to. Also, the connection (lag) will be slow as we are accessing content all the way from Hong Kong - be prepared to wait maybe 10-20 seconds for a stream to load. If you are having trouble viewing, try to drop the resolution of the stream - default load is 360p but if you go lower than that, you'll have less buffering and slowdowns.

    Anyway let me know how you get along, I'd be happy to advise anyone technically how to do this. In the future I may write up a guide on how to get this content onto your TV screens for more comfortable viewing.

    Also please check out the review of TVB Anywhere, TVB's new officially licensed service for watching TVB internationally.
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2016
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  2. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

    Many thanks to Cecilia for pointing out that there are some security concerns when using Hola's free version.

    An alternative to Hola is to use a paid VPN service which does not have the same security concerns. VPNs allow all traffic (not just browser traffic) to route through a proxy server, e.g. one in Hong Kong. This will allow you to watch TVB online too as described above.

    I have tested a lot of VPN services and many do not have high speed end points in Hong Kong which results in slow TVB streaming. However I highly recommend PureVPN - not only do they have extremely fast routing through Hong Kong, you can also have several simultaneous connections online for a single price. My in-laws use one connection for their home, and I use another for my home - all for the low price of $10 USD per month.
  3. ChrissyJee

    ChrissyJee New Member

    I am getting the message for all of the kids shows that the programming cannot be displayed because of copywriter restraints. Are you getting the same?

    TCHIENWEI New Member

    thanks for your advices!!
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

  6. Garrick Hedges

    Garrick Hedges New Member

    Is there any subscription you can get to watch official HK TV in the UK?
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

    I believe there's something called 'TVBAnywhere' http://www.tvbanywhere.com/ which looks legitimate - however I don't think it's a popular option.

    The options for other 'pirated' content streams are immense - Moonbox, TVPad, and software you can install anywhere like PPStream, PPTV, etc.
  8. Calvin W

    Calvin W Member

  9. DL1

    DL1 New Member

    Hi. Thanks for the information.

    Has anyone here looked at the subscription service - tvb anywhere? Is it any good and do you know how much it costs per year?

    My mothers tvpad has stopped working and I am keen to get her something easy to use to watch Cantonese tv with.


  10. Calvin W

    Calvin W Member

    You know it's funny how all the younger generation that I know is trying to do the same thing.
    I was thinking of the same thing too... you could get an android box to do so, or just use chromecast or something similar and just control it via a cheap tablet.
    Apart from vChannel - Install Hot Tv - http://hotdrama2.blogspot.tw/p/app.html
    Between the 2, you should have enough tv b / chinese channels..
  11. bmwjl7125

    bmwjl7125 New Member

    I mean this might be illegal but i dont know but you could use this website


    its only for shows/dramas
    ive been using it for a good 3 years now but only on my laptop
  12. bmwjl7125

    bmwjl7125 New Member

    also if you want cctv cbox this is legal its on the cctv website but how do you get it on a tv???????
  13. bmwjl7125

    bmwjl7125 New Member

  14. bmwjl7125

    bmwjl7125 New Member

    *1-3 it goes down sometimes
  15. matt.ai.amy

    matt.ai.amy New Member

    I've heard that the earlier TVpads are now being blocked or the servers that store the content ate being shut down. Does anybody else have any further information?
  16. matt.ai.amy

    matt.ai.amy New Member

    I was using Hola on my android device to set up a VPN to load MyTV, which is a free official TVB app available in the HK play market. This sometimes allowed me to load some dramas direct from the source, but it wasn't always a good link. Sometimes the app would sniff out that Iwas using a VPN and wouldn't let me access content.
  17. Edmund

    Edmund New Member

    I tried those illegal websites, you get hit with so many junks to your computer, had to reinstall my windows to clean it. On top of that, it's not always smooth streaming. I have a TVPad, too, but not usable anymore I think due to lawsuit shutdown. Though there are other boxes out there, but first of all, they are not cheap. Secondly, I am afraid it's gonna run into the same legal issue as TVPad. Any suggestions? I really want to watch HK TVB, but subscription here to legally watch TVB is not cheap!
  18. Edmund

    Edmund New Member

    Is there any other RSS links to watch Hong Kong TVB programs on vChannel?
  19. kiyoshige

    kiyoshige New Member

    I have PureVPN on Google Chrome. I changed the location to SAR. I downloaded Octoshape as well. But I still get the error message below.

  20. kiyoshige

    kiyoshige New Member

    OK, I had previously set the region to HK SAR. Instead, I selected "Optimized for China" and now it works!!! Great idea to use PureVPN - I got the year subscription for $50. Time Warner was asking $50/month.
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