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Frankie's Cantonese Book Reviews

Discussion in 'Grown Ups Learning Materials' started by ryvchong, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. ryvchong

    ryvchong New Member

    I stumbled upon this set of video reviews on Cantonese language books by Frankie Presta on YouTube. I found his reviews very helpful and in depth. Right now, I'm using Complete Cantonese (beginner to intermediate course) by Professor Hugh Baker and Pui-Kei Ho, which he had highly recommended.


    Frankie P's Cantonese is pretty darn impressive for someone who is not a native speaker and who was self-taught!

    "Frankie Presta is an Italian American amateur singer who was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts. At a young age, Frankie was exposed to Cantonese a local Chinese restaurant. This exposure sparked an interest in Cantonese that remained with Frankie throughout his childhood years. Frankie taught himself how to speak Cantonese using books, movies, music, and by chatting with his friends. Frankie also started learning Mandarin Chinese in 2009. In his spare time, Frankie enjoys singing, teaching English, playing video games, and learning different foreign languages."

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