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Educational Television (ETV) from Hong Kong

Discussion in 'Cantonese Songs and Cartoons' started by Tammy Lam, May 24, 2016.

  1. Tammy Lam

    Tammy Lam New Member

    These are short programs made by the Education Department in Hong Kong and they are shown to school kids during classes. I have only used the ones for young children (they call it “pre-primary education”). Although they are not quite cartoons or plain entertainment, I think they are quite lively and introduce many topics that we as parents can further discuss with our kids:


    You can change the webpage language to English but it won’t help too much as the descriptions are still in Chinese. So if you don’t read Chinese you’ll just have to watch them to find out what they are about. I found the streaming speed ok (no downloading allowed unless you are affiliated to a school in HK), if playback is slow you can just pause the video to let it completely load first in the background. They are mostly in Cantonese but there are a few in Mandarin. New videos are added from time to time and old ones are taken off. If your kids are older you can go and use the search (the top box with radio buttons) for other videos, though they will likely be much more academic than the “pre-primary” ones.
  2. edwaz

    edwaz New Member

    This is a great find, thank you Tammy! It's such a pity that the streaming is so so painfully slow. Surely there must be some way of downloading them all, especially if old ones get taken off.
    Do you know how to search the more 'academic' ones vs 'pre-primary' ones -what Chinese terms do you use?
    Thanks in advance
  3. Tammy Lam

    Tammy Lam New Member

    I use this trick when streaming is slow: first start to play the video, then pause it right away. Now look closely at the bar at the bottom of the playback screen that shows video progress. There is the usual slider indicating the position of the playback, then to the right of it you should see the bar gradually being filled up with a darker color at this moment (unless your downloading speed is super fast). That means the content of the video is still being downloaded. If the video is playing and the slider goes beyond the darker part of the bar, the video stops. When paused the downloading continues, so once you see the bar completely filled up with the darker color, click play again and you should be able to watch the video without any breaks. Now this may take some time, so you'll have to either plan ahead or occupy your child otherwise while waiting. I use this trick with YouTube videos too when my internet speed is slow.

    I contacted people from this website and was told that only those with a teacher account can download the videos. You can only get a teacher account if you're verified as a teacher, like if you have a work email address issued from a school, I suppose. I signed up and self declared as a teacher (not as a parent), but that didn't work.

    As for searching, you can use the search box in light green color near the top of the page (not the general search box at the very top). What I did was just click a radio button for a subject (e.g. Chinese Language, Mathematics, etc.) and then click the "Search ETV" button (you may also want to specify "Chinese" in the pulldown box to the left of the search button, otherwise you'll get videos in English as well). This gives you a summary table containing links to videos grouped by school grades (Primary 1 to Secondary 6), so you can go ahead and check out those appropriate for the age of your child. For the interest of this community, the videos under "Chinese Language" maybe useful. I only watched a few so far and my feeling is that they can work as additional resources if you're teaching your child reading and writing yourself, or if your child is going to a Chinese school.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

  5. wns2000

    wns2000 New Member

    Thanks Tammy and Andrew for the sharing!
    the extension tools really helps!
  6. Flo Toronto

    Flo Toronto New Member

    That's ready great stuff! Thanks Tammy and Andrew for the sharing! It's really a great way of immersion, so that kids learn new stuff in the target language itself!

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