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Discussion in 'Children Learning Materials' started by Cindy Lau, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. Cindy Lau

    Cindy Lau Member

  2. CherylM

    CherylM New Member

    no idea but ordered it a week ago (haven't got it yet), the sample lesson looks good, but then its probably too short to tell. Will post something after I watched it
  3. Hong

    Hong New Member

    look forward to the review. is this in mandarin or cantonese?
  4. CherylM

    CherylM New Member

    they have multiple languages(including both mandarin and cantonese), but we only ordered Cantonese I think they are all the same content with different languages
  5. Jay Lau

    Jay Lau New Member

    I was able to check out DinoLingo (Cantonese version) at my library. You can try before you buy!
  6. Amelia Oblongsky

    Amelia Oblongsky New Member

    What did you think of it? is it worth the money and do you think us adults would benefit from it?
  7. Jay Lau

    Jay Lau New Member

    It's a bunch of (sort-of random) cartoons stitched together with Cantonese audio. It's like flashcards in video form. What I do like is they do say the classifier (measure word) which is rare (like yat jek gau, 1 dog).

    I don't know if it's worth the money but it's worth to ask your library to stock it and also to ask if anyone is willing let you loan you their copy. Again, I didn't buy it, I was able to check it out from my local library (I'm in the US).

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