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Chinese Language and Culture: Mid Autumn Moon Festival

Discussion in 'Children Learning Materials' started by Cindy Lau, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. Cindy Lau

    Cindy Lau Member

    This learning set includes: (17 pages including cover)
    1. Trace & Color Words in Chinese: Moon
    2. Connect Words in Chinese: 1-10
    3. Count the rabbits: number + sentence pattern
    4. Rabbits like to eat: sentence pattern
    5. Moon Festival Phrase Search level 1: traditional character ed.
    6. Moon Festival Phrase Search level 1: simplified character ed.
    7. Moon Festival Phrase Search level 2: traditional character ed.
    8. Moon Festival Phrase Search level 2: simplified character ed.
    9. Culture adventure and Story: The Mid Autumn Festival, the Moon Fairy and Mooncakes (English)
    10. Answer key

    Completely free- thanks to miss Panda!
  2. united857

    united857 New Member

    Where's the link to download or otherwise obtain this? Am I missing something obvious?
  3. tangzer

    tangzer New Member

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