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Cantonese Dictionary

Discussion in 'Grown Ups Learning Materials' started by xoAims, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. xoAims

    xoAims New Member

    I use CantoDict when I am looking for a traditional Chinese character. I use English for searching and Jyutping for confirmation. Sure I can use google translate to turn my English sentences into traditional Chinese but the translation may not be perfect.

    For example I type 'year' for the English Meaning and I have a whole list of common words/phrases linked to the new year such as 羊年.

  2. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

    I really like Cantonese Sheik's CantoDict as it is one of the few that show both the jyutping and the pin yin at the same time.

    On iPhone I like to use Qingwen - you can look up a word in English -> Chinese and it will show the Traditional and Simplified version, and also there is a button to get it to 'speak' either Cantonese or Mandarin. Great for learning both languages!
  3. Sara Foster

    Sara Foster New Member

    for 80HKD, there's also an offline version of CantoDict for Pleco.
  4. Pink

    Pink New Member

    where can i get qingwen?
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

  6. Cindy Lau

    Cindy Lau Member

  7. Calvin W

    Calvin W Member

  8. raichu

    raichu New Member

    really, thanks for sharing guys :):):)
  9. matt.ai.amy

    matt.ai.amy New Member

    Even though Google Translate's not perfect, I still find it is the easiest interface to use and access while on the move. When I'm offline, I use 我的人肉字典 - 老婆... LOL! ;)
  10. supersparkyking

    supersparkyking New Member

    wow, this works great. love it!
  11. Calvin W

    Calvin W Member

    Ok.... I bought this (on google for <$4 CAD) and I thought it was pretty good. You need to buy it for the PRO version which has Cantonese; otherwise, it's only Mandarin.
    the best part is that it can do Cantonese to Mandarin (or any other language) and vice versa... from English to Cantonese etc... a lot of languages.
    I wanted it for Cantonese specifically; and specifically the pronunciation. It does the translations of single and double words pretty well - and sentences so so from English to Chinese... worse from Chinese to English (it's also very literal)... but it's understandable...
    Still a good addition IMO for the Cantonese part and thought I'd share.
  12. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

    So it appears my favourite Cantonese/Mandarin app Qingwen is no longer updated which is a shame.

    I've moved on back to Pleco for now and it does a fantastic job. Just remember to enable Cantonese in the settings. You can find any Chinese word and have the Cantonese/Mandarin playback in audio as well.

    fullsizeoutput_6c08.jpeg fullsizeoutput_6c09.jpeg
  13. Calvin W

    Calvin W Member

    So I tried Pleco. Not bad at all. Would almost consider buying it. For $4 though, mines is cheaper. :D

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