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Cantonese and Mandarin Video Library - Requesting Access

Discussion in 'Video Library' started by Andrew, May 10, 2015.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

    The Mandonese Video Library contains several hundred hours of Cantonese and Mandarin kids videos.

    To request access please contact Andrew Tsai via Private Message.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2016
  2. Jswching

    Jswching New Member

    hallo there, i am from switzerland. wanna ask for your approval to watch the cantonese cartoon, thanks Janet
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

    All requests need to be made via Private Message to me.
  4. Yat

    Yat New Member

    Hello, please may I have permission to view the videos in the library? Thank you. Yat
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

    Thanks, all requests can be made via PM to me.
  6. raichu

    raichu New Member

    can i have permission too? how many videos do you have
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Administrator
    Staff Member

    Hi raichu, please PM me if you want details of the library.
  8. Flo Toronto

    Flo Toronto New Member

    Thanks I just sent you a PM :)
  9. supersparkyking

    supersparkyking New Member

    I sent you at PM. love your videos!
  10. Hi have sent you a PM, thanks
  11. ben

    ben New Member

    Hello, sent you a PM thank you!
  12. Karen Kwok

    Karen Kwok New Member

    Hi Andrew,
    I've sent you a PM. Many thanks!!
  13. George and Nina

    George and Nina New Member

    Is there anyone else besides Andrew who can grant access?
  14. Karen Kwok

    Karen Kwok New Member

    Yeah... seems like Andrew is MIA! I pm him a few weeks ago and haven't heard back from him... :(

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