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baby signing time in chinese / cantonese

Discussion in 'Children Learning Materials' started by satoshi_nakamoto, May 28, 2017.

  1. satoshi_nakamoto

    satoshi_nakamoto New Member

  2. Calvin W

    Calvin W Member

    Link is dead.
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  3. Pui-Lai

    Pui-Lai New Member

    I plan to run a baby sing and sign class soon in London if anyone is interested. I am a SLT (BSL level 2 and also Makaton trained) so excited to run these sessions in Cantonese (done it before many years ago but in English :) will post more details later!
  4. Triplestep

    Triplestep New Member

    It would be good to get together the organisers of PlayCantonese sessions and have some basic gestures of some of the song lyrics.
  5. Pui-Lai

    Pui-Lai New Member

    Hi, yes definitely. Happy to teach some basics. Feel free to contact me :)

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