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  1. ijeqaho
  2. JonDoe88
    JonDoe88 HowieP
    I'd like to order 1) The Little Mermaid, 2) Monsters Inc, and 3) Inside Out all in the Cantonese DVD versions.
  3. supersparkyking
    supersparkyking Sandy
    Hi, didn't know chinese people live in dubai that is awasome!
  4. supersparkyking
    supersparkyking Flo Toronto
    hi where in toronto are you from?
    1. Flo Toronto
      Flo Toronto
      Hi I am living in North York. How about you?
      Oct 6, 2016
  5. supersparkyking
    1. HowieP
      Hey Sparky. How's it going?
      Oct 5, 2016
  6. supersparkyking
    supersparkyking Cindy Lau
    Hi, people here are great. love the uploads
  7. supersparkyking
    supersparkyking Pui-Lai
    I love the videos you uploaded. Your Awesome!
  8. Flo Toronto
    Flo Toronto
    Living in Toronto. OPOL in the family. Father/ in-laws side all English. Target languages: Cantonese, Mandarin and German
  9. Shirley Au
    Shirley Au
    American born Chinese living in London. I have a 2 year old and 4 year old and teaching them Cantonese and Mandarin.
  10. Deedi21
    Hope to meet more Cantonese speaking family. I have a 10.5 months old son and would like him to learn Cantonese.
  11. Balli
    Hi! I am half Chinese/German and fluent speaking Cantonese, but cannot read :(. Would like to teach my baby boy cantonese...
  12. Cindy Lau
    Cindy Lau
    find myself back here and like to build our community and make more friends
    1. Calvin W
      Calvin W
      :D same here!
      Apr 1, 2016
  13. hy_soup
    Hello everyone, I just joined! Hoping to be able to inspire my children to learn Cantonese.
  14. John Mamblecar
    John Mamblecar Cindy Lau
    Hi just joined this page and is good to see so many people that can speak cantonese , would like to make new friends in here
  15. James
    Sharing is caring
  16. TheMattCarman
    So happy I came across this website! So many useful materials here! Thank You!
  17. Steven_Lau
    Steven_Lau Cindy Lau
    Hello ...Friend
    1. Cindy Lau likes this.
    2. Cindy Lau
      Cindy Lau
      Hello Steven friend, where are you from?!
      Nov 3, 2015
  18. Judy
    Judy Cindy Lau
    I am new to the site. I will repost in a new thread. Researching Cantonese stuff and traditional chinese stuff is extremely hard for me since i'm in USA and there are hardly any Cantonese Chinese here and most of them do not know anything about being chinese.
    1. Cindy Lau
      Cindy Lau
      I find places like this very useful. Looks like youve had a few replies from your thread already. Hope my comments helped!
      Nov 3, 2015
  19. le_chat_de_jade
    I am from switzerland, my husband is from hong-kong, we have a little girl and i want to help her to speak and write cantonese.